Andy Hall, ‘Folded Square (non future)’, 2014, Geary

About Andy Hall

Drawing on his background in design, Andy Hall creates artwork that delves into questions of form, function, and utility. Hall’s work is especially concerned with the legacy of design in the 20th century, particularly Josef Albers’ exploration of color and Anni Albers’ theories of textiles. Hall creates objects he calls models, which experiment with the formal possibilities of materials such as fabrics, glass, paper, and metals. The juxtaposition of media with vibrant colors and varied texture produces uncanny results. His “Expanded Shape” works, for example, conflate soft and hard, dull and shiny, or solid and textured, while the perforated metal objects in his “Folded Square” series establish a concrete, visual relationship between time and space through self-imposed parameters and systems.

American, b. 1972