Andy Holden, ‘Post-Rock Music’, 2016, Rowing

"Post-Rock Music..." is a collaborative work comprising a Twitter message by Steve Roggenbuck painted in Helvetica text by Andy Holden onto a found canvas of two dogs in the countryside by B. Pettigrew.

Signature: This work comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Rowing, London, UK

About Andy Holden

Andy Holden’s multidisciplinary work incorporates a variety of media, including plaster, bronze, ceramics, music, performance, and large-scale sculpture. Heavily involved in the British art movement known as MI!MS (Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity), he forces these opposites to engage with one another in a systematic recreation of the bedrooms, cafes, and interiors in which the group developed their aesthetic ideas, alongside films, recordings of a children’s choir, and other such juxtapositions of the conventional and the ironic. “We live in an age of irony in mourning for sincerity!,” the MI!MS manifesto states. “We should not be cynical about the emotions in our work—we are simply cynical about the means we have to express that emotion.” Holden’s large-scale sculptural works are more personal and idiosyncratic, exploring ideas of memory and guilt.

British, b. 1982, Blunham, United Kingdom

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