Andy Moses, ‘Rosetta Spiral’, 2008, ArtGiverny
Andy Moses, ‘Rosetta Spiral’, 2008, ArtGiverny

Rosetta is a spacecraft on a ten-year mission to catch the comet "67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko" (C-G). Andy Moses created that elaborate space painting.
Moses describes its paintings as : “Something that is not stable, not static, but moving.”
“Every color is chosen to go next to the color next to it.”
os Angeles painter Andy Moses creates works that immerse the viewer in a surfeit of swirling, vibrant colors, deriving luscious, nearly psychedelic effects from the sensuous interplay of mysterious organic forms, through meticulous application of acrylic and pearlescent paint. But the artist’s ‘Rosebud’ moment isn’t a mystery. “I was born and raised in Santa Monica Canyon, and grew up around the ocean, so I was always seeing these various effects of light on water,” he explains. “Seeing these effects, and the notion of light being something mercurial and shifting… I thought, if you could capture that in a painting, it would be compelling.”

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