Andy Rementer, ‘Metropolis’, 2014, Maharam
Andy Rementer, ‘Metropolis’, 2014, Maharam

Through a complex maze of commuters, trains, cars, and infrastructure, Metropolis captures the bustling nature of the urban environment. Upon closer inspection, interactions between people and anthropomorphic buildings emerge.

Series: Maharam Digital Projects

Image rights: © 2014 Andy Rementer, Maharam under license

About Andy Rementer

Andy Rementer creates drawings, paintings, cartoons, and animations that are “fun on the outside, [but] slightly dark on the inside.” His compositions often feature bright colors and wild patterns that are influenced by vintage typography and design as well as flea-market finds. Rementer shows his human and animal protagonists at home, around town, daydreaming, attending business meetings, and having romantic trysts. He works independently and for clients ranging from The New York Times, MTV, and Urban Outfitters, to the Bavarian State Opera.

American, b. 1981