After Andy Warhol, ‘COW FS II.12A’, 1976, Grove Fine Art

Andy Warhol was inspired to by art dealer Ivan Karp to create his Cows in the 1960s. Karp suggested to Warhol, “Why don’t you paint some cows, they’re so wonderfully pastoral and such a durable image in the history of the arts.” Warhol’s printer Gerard Malanga chose the photograph of the cow, however it was Warhol’s unique pop art style that made the final product so interesting. Staying true to his pop art style, he chose a vibrant color scheme of pink on purple, making the pastoral animal seem like it was on an acid trip. Warhol then printed the Cow image on wallpaper, which he first introduced to his creative production in 1966 with his first Cow. In Andy’s classic mode of repetition, every inch of the walls was covered with his pink and purple Cow. Warhol created 4 variations of his Cow, with this being the fourth and final version.

Signature: Hand signed.

This particular Cow was created for an exhibition in 1976 at the Modern Art Pavillion at Seattle Center.

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