After Andy Warhol, ‘Flowers’, The Skateroom
After Andy Warhol, ‘Flowers’, The Skateroom
After Andy Warhol, ‘Flowers’, The Skateroom

” I always notice flowers.”
Andy Warhol
For this new collaboration, The Skateroom is honored to team up w/ The Andy Warhol Foundation and The Beyeler Foundation for this beautiful edition of Flowers from their permanent collection, and hope this will help to promote Andy Warhol’s art and perpetuate his legacy.
In respect with the economic model defended by The Skateroom, more than 25% of the profit of this edition will be used to support our long-term partner Skateistan that uses skateboarding and education for youth empowerment in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.
For each edition sold, $180 will be donated to support Skateistan’s Skate & Create program. This amount is the equivalent of learning supplies for Skate and Create programs worldwide for a week (including art supplies and basic skate supplies).

Signature: Limited edition of 500 provided with a certificate

Manufacturer: The Skateroom

“The key motif in Warhol’s Flowers series derives from a photograph that the artist discovered in a magazine.

On the basis of it, he rearranged and varied the number of flowers, running off numerous screenprints that differ from each other in color and format. In the present version, however, the flowers and green background were painted by hand.
The subject of flowers illustrates Warhol’s serial principle perhaps more succinctly and yet more poetically than any other. Thus, in depicting flowers, the natural potential of plants to proliferate is combined with their technical reproducibility as decorative motifs for mass production

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