After Andy Warhol, ‘LADIES & GENTLEMEN FS II.127’, 1974, Grove Fine Art

Andy Warhol’s series of “Ladies and Gentlemen” works derived from his interest in representing African-American and Hispanic transvestites that he found at the NYC nightclub, The Gilded Grape, on West 45 Street. Ladies and Gentlemen 127 is one of a series of ten “Drag Queen Paintings” that Warhol created. Warhol’s pencil shading and use of vibrant colors allow the viewer to identify the eccentric nature of the cross-dresser. While Warhol’s detailed sketch allows one to recognize the figure’s long feminine eyelashes and pouty lips, the color in the figure’s face outlines the masculine jawline and beard that the figure possesses as well.

Signature: Hand signed and numbered on verso in pencil.

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