Aneta Grzeszykowska, ‘Negative Book #50’, 2012-2013, Raster

Negative Book is a series of black and white photographs which decon­structs positive photography and as such forms a con­tinuation of Grzeszykowska's reflec­tions on the charac­ter of the photographic medium and its various trans­for­mations. The star­ting point here was traditional photography registering per­sonal situations or scenes deliberately posed for the camera, but created using two manipulations; the artist's body was painted black during posing and the photographs were later reversed into their negative ver­sions. The final effect is striking: Grzeszykowska's body takes on a bright color, opposingly to other figures, whose color of skin remains in a negative black. Such a manipulation (both of the medium and of the viewer) seems to under­mine the trust we have in the images we receive through the means of positive photography as a convin­cing reflec­tion of reality. Negative Book con­nects with Grzeszykowska's previous works through a con­cen­tration on the exhibition of one’s own body and its per­fomatuivity, meaning that what we end up with is a sort of intimate diary.

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