Aneta Grzeszykowska, ‘Selfie #2’, 2014, Raster

Grzeszykowka's newest series of photos lies between photography and sculpture. At its heart is the analysis of the process of self-creation - one of the most fundamental themes of art and also a basic premise for the condition of the post-medial society of today.
The artist makes a radical turn in the direction of the grotesque, creating startling sculptural charades using fragments of her own body modeled in pigskin and exhibited on smooth leather backgrounds. She creates her self-portrait out of scattered parts - an uncanny selfie made before our very eyes.

Grzeszykowska 常運用自身的形象,以一位女性藝術家的身份和人體解構各方面制作作品。她“自拍”的專題更是一個激進行為的雕塑;藝術家精確地使用了她自己的身體做了豬皮模型後,在分解前紀錄下來。

Price does not include VAT. All photographs from the series are framed.
Ed. #3 available for purchase as set only.

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