Angela A'Court, ‘The End of Summer’, 2008, Susan Eley Fine Art

About Angela A'Court

Angela A'Court says her soft pastel paintings are "about color, form and texture, play, interaction, and balance." Informed by a background in fine art and textiles and 15 years of experience as an interior designer, A'Court has a particular interest in the interaction of line and form. In her figurative paintings, A'Court strives to portray the beauty in ordinary objects with attention to the forms created by their negative space. She chooses pastel as her medium for the vivid, pure pigments of color and energy of the lines, which evoke feelings of gesture and movement and help liven emotional responses to otherwise ordinary, mundane, private subjects. Her technique combines pastel with collage and print in textured layers that ultimately bring beauty to the otherwise "ordinariness" of her everyday moments.

British, b. 1961, London, United Kingdom, based in New York, New York