Angela Ellsworth, ‘Two Tabs’, 2013, Lisa Sette Gallery

Framed price & dimensions

About Angela Ellsworth

Through performance, action drawing, video, and sculptural installations, the multidisciplinary artist Angela Ellsworth explores the intersections between art and daily life, public and private. She is particularly interested in the body in motion, tracking physical movement and researching how the body responds to materials, space, and social structures. Her work is informed by the histories of public art, feminism, and religious traditions, especially those pertaining to her rejected Mormon heritage. Her series of “Seer Bonnets: A Continuing Offense” (2009-10) are small reproductions of 19th-century women’s bonnets constructed from thousands of pearl-tipped corsage pins embedded into fabric in precise circular patterns evoking early Mormon “seer stones”. While the pearlescent surfaces look beautiful and pure, the sharp metal pins render the bonnets’ interiors menacing, in reference to domestic oppression, submission, and control endured by women.

American, b. 1964