Angelo Turetta, ‘La Piovra 8’, 1996, ILEX Gallery

On the set of "La Piovra 8", Italy, directed by Giacomo Battiato, 1996.
A car is blown up with special effects in a deserted square of a Sicilian village. A crowd of stunned onlookers will be added in post-production.

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Deep Down in the Dark Rooms of our Soul, ILEX Gallery, Rome, 2016

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About Angelo Turetta

Angelo Turetta has been photographing Italy's artistic, cultural, and intellectual scene for the past three decades, from the theatre stages of the Italian avant-garde in the 1970s and '80s to the sets of contemporary Italian cinema. As a photojournalist, Turetta has also kept a steady eye on Rome, documenting the city’s changes throughout the years with a focus on social issues. Recognition for Turetta’s photographs include an eighteen-year-consecutive first place prize in the Italian Set Photographer’s Awards (1996– 2011) and a World Press Photo Award.

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Italian, based in Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy