Angelo Turetta, ‘L'amore ritorna’, 2003, ILEX Gallery

From the movie "L’amore ritorna"- directed by Sergio Rubini, 2003.
"The waiting times in movies are sometimes the most interesting moments for me, lights move and create unexpected landscapes, actors waiting for the next action in strange places, technicians and electricians moving fast on the set with staircases, cables, reflectors, tripods, polystyrene, cloth tapes, rails and technical pieces. It was during one of these moments that "Cettina" appeared to me.
She, who also appears in the film, was perched on the edge of a chair waiting for her scene. I noticed her while I was dazzled by a spotlight pointed in the aseptic room of a hospital."

  • Angelo Turetta

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Deep Down in the Dark Rooms of our Soul, ILEX Gallery, Rome, 2016

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About Angelo Turetta

Angelo Turetta has been photographing Italy's artistic, cultural, and intellectual scene for the past three decades, from the theatre stages of the Italian avant-garde in the 1970s and '80s to the sets of contemporary Italian cinema. As a photojournalist, Turetta has also kept a steady eye on Rome, documenting the city’s changes throughout the years with a focus on social issues. Recognition for Turetta’s photographs include an eighteen-year-consecutive first place prize in the Italian Set Photographer’s Awards (1996– 2011) and a World Press Photo Award.

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Italian, based in Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy