Ania Machudera, ‘Untitled No 39’, 2016, Oeno Gallery

These delightful and whimsical sculptural works use light to create an optical illusion. The shadows are what is seen - the acrylic gel on the panel is hard to see. They are wall mounted and hang approximately 4 inches from the wall. (b. Poland) Ania Machudera is an acclaimed educator and artist who has taught and exhibited extensively in Europe and North America. She studied biology at the University of Lodz before arriving in Canada to study drawing and painting at OCAD University in Toronto. Her studies of optics and physics directly influence her acrylic gel on plexiglass creation. Acrylic gel is painted on to a plexiglass surface. The true nature of the painting is revealed when you introduce light to the piece. Bold shadows are cast on the wall surface behind the work. Multiple installation hardware is available. The work is suspended from above using a custom wall mount (included).

About Ania Machudera