Anibal Gomescasseres, ‘Two Doors, ed. 1/5’, 2013, Beatriz Esguerra Art

This work is a lightbox. It must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

About Anibal Gomescasseres

With his tongue-in-cheek claim that “my artwork is so personal that I have no moral obligation to explain it,” Anibal Gomescasseres examines our global, hyper-technological, consumerist culture in his photographically based, mixed-media works. His two ongoing series, “Mediascapes” and “Satisfacción Artificial (Artificial Satisfaction)”, feature sleek, panoramic compositions. In the former series, he meditates on our architectural structures and urban environments, and our encroachment into nature, through manipulated photographic images of rooms, buildings, streets, and natural landscapes, shown alternately darkened and partially lit with an inbuilt light source. The latter series consists of cartoonish scenes of libido-fueled indulgence, replete with scantily clad, forever-young men and women, and suggestive puddles of spilt milk. For Gomescasseres, these scenarios reflect where our society is now, corrupted by the products and marketing messages we consume all too readily.

Colombian , b. 1981

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