Anish Kapoor, ‘Water Ring, Form I’, 2012, Louisa Guinness Gallery

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Signature: incised with the artist's initials and numbered 1/10

Image rights: Courtesy of Louisa Guinness Gallery

Manufacturer: In collaboration with Louisa Guinness


About Anish Kapoor

Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor creates elegant sculptures that combine simple materials, geometric shape, and organic form. After first establishing his reputation in the 1980s with biomorphic sculptures in limestone and other natural materials, Kapoor began to explore the theme of “the void” in large-scale stone works, some with defined insides and outsides and others that clearly delineate empty spaces. In 2006, he installed Sky Mirror at Rockefeller Center, a 23-ton, three-story stainless steel sculpture that reflected the New York skyline. He described the massive work as a “non-object” because its reflective surface allowed it to disappear.

British-Indian, b. 1954, Mumbai, India, based in London, United Kingdom