Anita Dube, ‘Disputed Territory’, 2004, Nature Morte

About Anita Dube

Trained as an art historian and critic, Anita Dube is keenly attuned to the power of objects to evoke memories and experiences, and historical, social, and mythological references. At once sensual and cerebral, Dube’s mixed-media sculptures and installations reflect her concern with personal and societal loss, journeys, transformation, and regeneration. Among the mixed materials with which she works—including Styrofoam, plastic, velvet, beads, and dentures—are the uncanny, industrially produced ceramic eyes commonly found on Hindu devotional statuary. She has affixed hundreds of these eyes to her body as well as to gallery walls, in patterns suggestive of rivers or the female pubis. “The eyes are like people for me and this could speak of large migrations in history,” Dube explains, referencing the flowing, mesmerizing patterns she creates.

Indian, b. 1958, Lucknow, India, based in New Delhi, India