Anita Huffington, ‘Cloud’, 2009, ACA Galleries

About Anita Huffington

Anita Huffington intends her classical-inspired sculptures of human torsos (primarily nude females) as totem objects that celebrate the quotidian. By reducing the figures based on Greek marbles to simple, almost primitive forms, Huffington strives to reveal the natural “organic energy and essential beauty, a power that has the force of a religious experience,” she says. Sandstone, her material of choice owing to its “rude nature” (although she also works in alabaster and bronze), further evokes the archaic and prehistoric periods that inspire her work beneath the surface. Modernist influences are also evident, however, in works such as Bacchante (2010), an elongated, semi-abstract bronze female torso.

American, b. 1934, Baltimore, Maryland, based in Arkansas