Ann George, ‘A Day in the Dirt’, 2017, Paraphé

About Ann George

In otherworldly photographs produced through a marriage of digital and historical techniques, Ann George conveys her memories of the American South and her deep connection to the region, particularly the small town in Louisiana where she grew up. She describes an idyllic childhood, writing: “We went anywhere our bikes would take us. There were always ‘get togethers’. . . . Those were glorious nights where the music of the cicada harmonized with the easy slow conversation and distant laughter from the grown-ups.” Pictorialist in style, her toned black-and-white photographs are filled with a sense of nostalgia and fantasy. They often feature young women or animals in domestic or natural settings, and in scenarios redolent of dreams and fairytales. In the artist’s words: “I desire to describe a journey, a fairytale, a feeling of progression through and to something.”