Ann Hamilton, ‘ Pigeon Guillemot (Sepia)’, 2017, Gemini G.E.L. at Joni Moisant Weyl

Publisher: Gemini G.E.L. LLC

About Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton creates large-scale multimedia installations that combine sculpture, architecture, video, spoken and written word, and human presence. Hamilton’s immersive environments are oriented around sensory experiences in time and space; she explores the way that bodily and lingustic experiences form perceptions and memory. “What is the relationship between how our bodies know things and how we embody our knowledge through our actions and touch?” she asks. “What is the relationship between that and language?” The artist creates site-specific works, often inhabiting a space acoustically. For “phora” (2005), Hamilton used different exhibition spaces to explore the genesis of vocalization and vocal expression through sound and mixed-media installations. To create tropos (1993–1994), she covered a gallery floor with horsehair and employed an actor to sit at a table reading a book and burning its lines as she went, so that the word was transformed into material (smoke), which was in turn absorbed by the hair.

American, b. 1956, Lima, Ohio