Anna Bella Geiger, ‘Passagens nº2’, 1974, Aura

Series: Edition 3 of 5

Image rights: Anna Bella Geiger

Museo de Arte Moderna, Río de Janeiro, 1997
Circa 1970, Henrique Faria Gallery, 2012
Cambio de Paradigma. Colección Serralves 60’s 70’s. MUSAC, León, 2012
SUMMA,Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid, Henrique Faria Gallery, 2013
ARCO’14, Madrid, Galeria Aural, 2014
Circa MMXIV:ni más ni menos, Galería Aural, Alicante, 2014
Situaciones Límite, Galeria Aural, Alicante. 2016
Geografía Física y humana, CAAC. Sevilla, 2016

In Passagens I and II, the first video of Geiger -both 1974 -, the artist slowly upload a slowly inside and outside stairs. The action is staged, however, seems ad hoc, the camera is fixed, but the shooting angle is constantly changing, and time is continuous, still fragmented and repetitive. In these videos, the artist visits to places of personal importance to her in her native Rio de Janeiro and provides collective significance. The activities apparently shown were considered subversive in the highly charged political situation of the country under the dictatorship, in which any decrease in "normality" was seen as a dangerous disguise.
The video is a tool experimentation. This is evident in the "dirt" on the quality of picture and sound environment. Technological device used to register an action-facing operation where the presence of the other border, the time.
Here theartist is the protagonist of three actions that are not designed as a performance, as the use of the body is not a medium, it is not a support, but a simulacrum.

In fact, in the video, there are two types of time, the real and the virtual, working simultaneously. The first, which provides a fourth dimension to reality, it connects to the events that shape our experience. Consequently, while the real time in the artwork of Geiger "pulls" from us to the examination of the political, cultural and artistic situation in Brazil, in the 1970s, is the elusive, ontological, often humorous virtual time being the layer that protects us from too much information about the harsh reality that surrounds us.

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