Anna Bella Geiger, ‘Rolo Scroll #5’, 2006, Aura

Image rights: Anna Bella Geiger

Rolls are especially important in the Anna Bella’s work. In principle, they were made in vegetal paper (years 82-83), where the drawing practically creates the scroll, and where some signs almost as imaginary hieroglyphs (as described by the artist) appear in an incipient form. In that same course, they cease to be grounds for abstractions to incorporate other things: they begin to be narratives. This process of creating a more complex image allows you to incorporate an overlay of information in layers (several languages, several maps, several planes) and materials (paper, lead, etching, drawing). Now the matrix and the result of the image, its negative and positive, connect other references and give a temporary sense that the previous rolls did not have.

The new series of scrolls is still a special type of book-object, a look at the book with another book of multiplier reading. Even more so when in the scrolls converge in a book, the map and two cultural instances: the reading of the representation of the world and of the creation of the world, through a geographical representation and the cultural form of the Tora, where it is configured Sacred history as a book of the world and the geography of the book as the genesis of the image. Thus, the map-book, book-territory, objectmap and objectbook converge, stirring notions in the area that is not only plastic but intercultural.

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