Anna Greta Sjöqvist, ‘Vintage Scandinavian Carpet ’, ca. 1950, Nazmiyal Collection

Vintage Scandinavian Carpet by Anna Greta Sjoqvist, Origin: Sweden, Mid 20th Century – This signed Swedish vintage rug features a graphic series of repeating geometric motifs rendered in a contemporary selection of colors that complement the mid-century aesthetic. Accomplished designer and master weaver Anna-Greta Sjoqvist expertly used stark right-angle weaving motifs to produce a definitively modern design. Crenellated comb motifs and angular flowers with coved petals decorate Sjoqvist’s distinctive borders while complementing the angular florets that dot the icy Nordic blue field. This distinguished mid-century design artfully blends the old and new while cleverly reinventing modular figures to create a harmonious reversed color design that adorns the borders and the understated field. From the restrained selection of colors to the precision of the composition and minute decorations, this classical Swedish rollakan embodies the mid-century modern style that Scandinavian designers helped pioneer.

Signature: AGS

Image rights: Nazmiyal Collection


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