Anna Greta Sjöqvist, ‘Vintage Swedish Rug ’, ca. 1950, Nazmiyal Collection

Vintage Swedish Rug by Anna Greta Sjöqvist, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-20th Century – This definitive vintage carpet from Sweden features a bright triad of mid-century colors paired with bold geometric designs and understated compositional elements that embody the mid-century zeitgeist. Anna Greta Sjoqvist’s distinctive design centers around a sleek eggshell white field enclosed by robust rectilinear borders that fit the well-proportioned composition and align with the linear accents that divide the field into subtle compartments. The intensive borders feature precise quadrants defined by crisp white dovetail dividers that play off the right-angle weaving exceptionally well. Bright carotene orange, golden maize yellow and cool jadeite segments are dutifully repeated in a fixed order. These vibrant color blocks display textural color variations that highlight the natural woven textures and invite the eye to investigate the subtle opalescent colors that appear in the milky white field on this Swedish Rug, which embodies Sjoqvist’s minimalist style.

Signature: AGS

Image rights: Nazmiyal Collection


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