Anna-Johanna Aengstroem, ‘Vintage Swedish Rug’, ca. 1960, Nazmiyal Collection

Vintage Swedish Rug by Anna Joanna Angstrom, Origin: Swedish, Mid-20th Century – Here is a beautiful and unique vintage carpet – a Swedish kilim that was woven in Scandinavia during the middle years of the twentieth century. Vibrant and exciting, this beautiful composition was designed by noted Swedish weaver Anna Joanna Angstrom, one of the most celebrated figures of all mid-century Scandinavian designers. This delightfully modern kilim boasts a bold palette of reds, as well as highly geometric structure throughout. Right angles invite interpretation and imbue the piece with energy. Compositionally, this vintage Swedish kilim is fairly straightforward: a band of dark red runs around the perimeter of the piece, acting as a border. Within the field, an exciting geometric pattern unfolds, wherein rectilinear figures of various shades of red interact with one another in intriguing ways. Within the various shades of red, a pattern of diamond emerges most prominent. These radiate energy throughout the piece, giving it every bit of the modern appeal that characterizes the finest mid-century Scandinavian rugs and carpets.


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