Anna Ostoya, ‘The Square (Vernal Migrations)’, 2017, Bortolami

About Anna Ostoya

In her 2011 solo show, Polish artist Anna Ostoya created a challenge to produce 28 collages, one per day, throughout the month of February. As an artist of many mediums, an exposition of collage was a way to combine a multitude of information about herself and her craft, most notably, the experimental, interactive quality of her process. Ostoya's work often reacts to society and economics; in this show, she responded to daily news by incorporating current newspapers into the collages. Her other materials, including papier-mâché, gold leaf, and internet-sourced images, combine low and high-end components and pose questions of economic imbalance. Also significant is the strict regime of her one-painting-a-day conquest, which alludes to the work ethic of Communism and Ostoya's connection to her national heritage.

Polish, b. 1978, Kraków, Poland, based in United States