Anna U. Davis, ‘Second Class ’, 2017, Artist's Proof

Over the past twenty years, Swedish artist Anna U Davis has been creating incredibly complex collages that examine gender relations, sexuality and other contemporary social issues that she observes around her. Inspired by experiences of her own interracial marriage, she creates grey-scaled, abstracted figures called ‘Frocasians’ that act as a medium to investigate these contemporary social issues and are meant to transcend racial divide. Davis chose the color grey, since grey is a neutral or achromatic color, meaning literally that it is a color “without color.” Within the two presented series, "Witnesses" and "Black Edge," Davis' initiates this discourse - making such consequential but abstract themes more tangible to her audience. Upon further examination of the painting, one sees Davis' precise attention to detail as she combines cutout paper squares including recognizable and abstracted images applied individually by hand. The paper cutouts outlined with back acrylic painting, the piece begins to take on the aesthetic of a stained glass window. She continues to add details with an ink pen and other drawing techniques.

Signature: Yes

About Anna U. Davis

Swedish, b. 1975, Sweden, based in Washington, DC, USA

Group Shows

Galerie Myrtis, 
Emergence 2014: International Artists to Watch