Anne Collier, ‘Crying’, 2005, Guggenheim Museum

Collection: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Image rights: © Anne Collier

"Photo-Poetics: An Anthology"

Venue: Guggenheim Museum, New York (2015)

Purchased with funds contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Tighe 2005

About Anne Collier

Anne Collier considers herself a still life photographer—her subjects just happen to be other photographs and found media. Collier’s works dissect the conventions and clichés found in commercial photography, as well as their visual consumption. Some of her most iconic series feature record covers, photos of eyes in developing trays, photography magazine covers, advertisements, book spreads, and film heroines handling cameras. She’s particularly interested in revealing the relationship between cameras, sexualized women’s bodies, and the act of looking at these images. Collier is also known for her meticulous staging and lighting: all of her subjects are photographed in isolation against neutral backgrounds in her studio.

American, b. 1970, Los Angeles, California, based in New York, New York