Anne-Sarah Le Meur, ‘Noirange_63’, 2015, Galerie Charlot

To be in the dark. Watch. Search. Diving in the dark. A glow. The colors around.
A caress - a breath - a vibration.
Gobbles me, sucks me away.

  • where - how far - to beyond - to inside.
    Sprayed. become matter. to become light. become black powder. become a diffuse glow. to become color.
    immense immaturity
    immanent matter
    (i) mature volatile material
    Vibrates. Vibrates. powder, suspense, substance - or gas.

Her still images, taken from generative movements, allow us to see visual phenomena differently, in a time that still infuses. As oozing a desire for movement, a desire for thickness, a desire to caress. The blurs envelop, the dark ones stir and emanate.- and dive.

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