Annie Kevans, ‘Romy Schneider’, 2013, GALLERY FIFTY ONE

Actress and daughter of Magda. She had an affair with J.F. Kennedy.

About Annie Kevans

Annie Kevans approaches portraiture not as the practice of creating likenesses but as a means of conveying alternate versions of history and ensuring that certain figures are remembered in the future. Kevans achieved early acclaim with her first series of diffuse and softly colored portraits that imagined dictators such as Hitler and Pol Pot as small children. Her recent work has included the portraits of women relegated to the margins of art history, including both artists from the Renaissance and those who are still living, such as Rosalyn Drexler and Alma Thomas. Her practice is research intensive; she studies the artists’ biographies and examines numerous images of them in an attempt to gain a sense of their personality before beginning their portraits.

English, b. 1972, Cannes, France

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