Annie Lapin, ‘landscapemathmythmupp’, 2015, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions: Benefit Auction 2017

Framed: 32 x 25 in.

Signature: verso

About Annie Lapin

Annie Lapin’s paintings trick the eye with their abstract imitations of realism and representational images. Lapin is interested in functions of perception and memory work, as well as certain recognizable, established genres of historic painting. From a glance, her works look as though they have definite, narrative subjects—like landscapes or group portraiture—but upon looking, reveal themselves to be flurries of abstract marks describing no specific object. She is known for a rich-hued palette and thick impasto. Since 2011, Lapin’s style has become more formal, with attention to abstracted marks and their placement. Lapin also has created several sculptural canvases, in which the cloth is mounted on its frame in a distorted, crumpled way.