Anonymous American Photographer, ‘Woman with Brooch’, circa 1840, Sotheby's

Important Daguerreotypes from the Stanley B. Burns, MD, Collection


From the Catalogue:
This early daguerreotype of a finely dressed woman with brooch clearly shows the long exposure time necessary at the advent of photography. In order to remain still, sitters were often restrained by clamps, posing stands, or headrests, to which the present sitter’s stiff appearance can be reasonably attributed.

The maker of this early image is unknown. Visual cues within the image, including the photographer’s use of a hanging backdrop, are laden with suggestion. A comparison with known plates by pioneering American artists Robert Cornelius and Samuel F. B. Morse, who had met Daguerre in Paris in 1839, are apt but may not warrant anything more than hopeful attribution.
—Courtesy of Sotheby's

Stanley B. Burns, Mirror Mirror: The Burns Collection Daguerreotypes (New York: The Burns Archive Press, 2012), pl. 57

Acquired from Ken Appollo, Rhinecliff, 1976, Joseph Buberger as agent