Anouk Kruithof, ‘Neutral (openhearted)’, 2015, bitforms gallery
Anouk Kruithof, ‘Neutral (openhearted)’, 2015, bitforms gallery

"Openhearted (neutral)" is from Anouk Kruithof Neutrals series, comprising seven sculptures made with metal and prints on different plastics, such as PVC, vinyl, and latex. The images on the prints are taken from screenshots of the TSA’s Instagram profile, ​notorious for displaying groups of confiscated items (mainly weapons)​ as content​ to be liked and commented upon. When ​initially ​documented​ by the TSA​, identity cards of the contraband owners are part of the display; for privacy reasons, they are always blurred to the point where gender and race are no longer discernible. Kruithof has taken just the ID cards from these images, printing them on various plastics. These hang or lie on metal constructions, giving the form​s​ new sculptural ​bodies.

About Anouk Kruithof

b. 1981

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