Anselm Reyle, ‘Untitled’, 2013, Phillips

This lot is sold to benefit the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.
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Proceeds raised from the sale of Lot 166 will directly benefit The Andrea Bocelli Foundation. Phillips is proud to partner with ABF in the UK and support them in their goal of empowering people and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, distress due to illness and social exclusion.

Founded in 2011, ABF currently runs two major programs globally: Challenges and Break the Barriers.

The “CHALLENGES” program operates in the field of scientific and technological research and social innovation. This program brings together the best minds with the aim to find innovative solutions to help people cope with and overcome limitations imposed by their disability/discomfort.

The “BREAK THE BARRIERS” program operates to support and promote projects that help the weakest classes of the population in Italy and in Developing Countries where conditions of poverty, illness, malnutrition and complex social situations reduce their life expectation. Currently, the Foundation has focused its efforts mainly on Haiti, a country in particular state of need.
Courtesy of Phillips

Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner

About Anselm Reyle

The work of Anselm Reyle is intimately linked to Modernism, borrowing, critiquing, and reinventing its conventions all at once. Reyle’s abstract sculptures and paintings are made with fluorescent colors, found objects, and shiny common materials including foil, glitter, and mirrors. Inspired by early abstract painter Otto Freundlich and using techniques innovated by Jackson Pollock and Barnett Newman, Reyle self-consciously revives aspects such as Hard-Edged stripes and the gestural brushstrokes of Abstract Expressionism. In 2011, Reyle made his affinity for popular culture explicit, designing accessories for fashion house Dior.

German, b. 1970, Tubingen, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany

Group Shows

East meets West
Latvian National Museum of Art, 
Riga, Latvia,
Wahlverwandtschaften, Deutsche Kunst seit den späten 1960er Jahren
Out of the Blue
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