Ante Timmermans, ‘Claustrophobia (physical | mental | social)’, 2012, Barbara Seiler

About Ante Timmermans

Finding ideas and forms in the tightly regulated world around him, Ante Timmermans makes drawings of cityscapes in busy networks of grids and lines, at once beautiful and impersonal. Playtime (2011), one of the artist’s more abstract drawings, features his signature vertical skyline and the manifestations of industrial growth, rendered in solid geometric blocks of color. Timmermans’s mixed media installations, like his drawings, create forms out of the interaction between lines and circles, such as Spieltisch (2011), a tabletop displaying a multitude of wire sculptures reminiscent of the works of Alexander Calder and evoking both amusement and surveillance. Reflecting the way time and space are circumscribed in modern society, Timmermans’s work revolves around themes of control and repetition, often to humorous or moving effect. For his 2010 exhibition entitled “Poesie der Langweile” (Poetry of Boredom), visitors were asked to clock in upon arrival.

Belgian, b. 1976, Ninove, Belgium, based in Zurich, Switzerland

Group Shows

Ana Cristea Gallery, 
New York,
Accidental Thoughts and Metaphors