Anthea Hamilton, ‘Divers’, 2011, Joanna Bryant & Julian Page

About Anthea Hamilton

Anthea Hamilton creates immersive installations using carefully arranged three-dimensional collages and sculptures, both abstract and vaguely figurative. Her works explore themes of leisure, attraction, and desire, as in Gymnasium (2008), a theatrical gym-inspired set. Besides its ropes, floor mats, and sporting equipment, the installation comprised seemingly misplaced objects—broken vases, lone feminine shoes filled with water and fruit—together forming a surreal tableau. Most notably, Hamilton’s signature motif of vintage pin-up style legs adorned the wall, imbuing the atmosphere with a sexual charge in the spirit of the ancient Greek understanding of a gymnasium. Her wide variety of materials, chosen for sensory provocations and associational values, lie at the core of Hamilton’s work. As Frieze critic Colline Milliard described, Hamilton’s “Dadaesque assemblages deftly combine matters and textures, the organic with the readymade.”

British, b. 1978, London, United Kingdom

Group Shows

The FLAG Art Foundation, 
New York, USA,
Cynthia Daignault: There is Nothing I could Say That I Haven't Thought Before