Anthony Campuzano, ‘Collide/Collide (weather-related version)’, 2009-2010, Adams and Ollman

About Anthony Campuzano

Anthony Campuzano creates drawings that combine text and geometric forms in bold colors, to abstract effect. Campuzano’s texts come from a variety of sources, including newspaper headlines, pornographic magazine pages, Wikipedia, song lyrics, and narrative accounts of his own experiences. The elements of the drawings are meticulously applied freehand, abiding by his strict set of rules to never erase, never dilute color. Campuzano is also careful about the size of the drawings, which never exceed a 30-by-40-inch format; his reasoning has to do with “wanting to be able to touch the whole surface at once,” he says. “And that’s about the length of an arm, so that I can do a fully unbroken line.”

American, b. 1975, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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New Wine New Bottle, Fleisher/Ollman, Philadelphia