Anthony Scala, ‘Dark Matter’, 2016, London Glassblowing Gallery

Stand is also bespoke and solid stainless steel.

Signature: Yes

Image rights: Ester Segarra

The name ‘Dark Matter’ refers to the exotic and mysterious substance which makes up most of the mass of the Universe, but as yet remains totally undetectable by any means known to our science. This piece is Anthony's own humble homage to this fundamental force and a poignant reminder that there is far more to reality than what we can deduce from mathematical projections and simulations.

The hot worked core at the centre of Dark Matter constitutes a central building block from which the rest of the structure emanates. The geometric aspects of the piece are created in polychromatic optical glass and act as a framework containing the chaotic nucleus.

This piece needed to be more than just a series of geometric components. It was vital that the viewer’s eye be immediately drawn to the barely contained storm at the heart of the piece.

Anthony wanted Dark Matter to be an expression of the mathematical language we use to describe the universe and a reminder that it is little more than a thin veneer. An eggshell we have created in order to compartmentalise forces we as yet do not comprehend and like an eggshell, are just as easily broken…..

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