Anthony Underhill, ‘Matriarch’, early 1960s, Charles Nodrum Gallery

In 1948 Underhill left for England, where he remained for the rest of his life. In London his career as artist and teacher flourished. In the early 1950s he exhibited works in a more conservative, post-impressionist manner, at Mayor and Leicester Galleries. By the end of the decade his work had evolved towards the European abstract expressionism, examples of which were selected for Recent Australian Painting at the Whitechapel Gallery in London in July 1961; others were sent to Australian Galleries in Melbourne in 1959. The second exhibition in Australia, at Gallery A in 1965, focused on what Alan McCulloch describes (in his Encyclopdia of Australian Art, all eds.) as “...contemporary English painting, featuring faceless nudes whose forms were integrated with their surroundings...”
After his death in 1977, his widow closed the studio, where the paintings remained until just recently, when the family decided to offer a small selection of works for sale, of which this is one.
for a 1960 work, see Brian Robertson & Robert Hughes, Recent Australian Painting, exhibition catalogue, Whitechapel Gallery: London, 1961, plate XIV for ‘Moonbi’.

Hamilton Galleries, London (label verso);
Inaugural Exhibition, Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh (label verso);
City of Bradford Art Gallery, 1965;
Annely Juda Fine Art, London (label verso)

Estate of the Artist, 2017