Anthony White, ‘Montana’, 2009, IdeelArt
Anthony White, ‘Montana’, 2009, IdeelArt

The production of small format works mark the departure from Australia for the artist. The School of Paris was the focus of a research residency at La Cite Internationale Des Arts Paris during late 2009 that was the impetus for a new series of small format works. Drawing parallels from both Eugene Leroy and Jean Dubuffet colour palette and sensibility, lush colours are abandoned for natural earth colours.

Working with the same intentions as an alchemist, the artist seeks a transformative experience. As you look at the work there is no reading of linear perspective: your gaze lays flat across the surface.

During his time in Paris the artist pared back the scale of his earlier works, but retained the same sense of vigour and restlessness in the quality surface of the paint.

As quoted by the artist himself during his stay in Paris, “The architectural surfaces of Paris are laden with centuries of graffiti, posters, filth and humanity. The works draw upon these references and the sense of transience, the passing of time, the organic and a sense of the antique.”

This work is delivered framed by the artist (size incl frame: 54,5 x 54,5 cm)

A picture of the work with its frame is available upon request.

Oil on linen

About Anthony White

Australian, b. 1976, based in Paris, France

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