Anthony White, ‘Sedition II’, 2016, IdeelArt
Anthony White, ‘Sedition II’, 2016, IdeelArt

The time spent in 2010 at The Leipzig International Art Programme residency in Leipzig started to change the course of the conceptual content of Anthony White’s work.

He started placing a greater emphasis on research and readings, increasing the importance of those in his inspirations. Effectively trying to answer the question: how can abstract work address political and social ideas?

The language of reportage and documentary taken from newspapers articles and headlines influenced the direction of his paper-based collages. This practice, in turn, found its way into his paintings.

From his readings and documentation on the Arab Spring, at the end of 2010, came the idea of the Sedition series.

For Sedition II, the bright coloured surface suggests the urgent and violent nature of the revolution. And the restlessness energy of the serpent like shapes is suggestive of a sense of flux mirroring the underlying discontent amongst the people.

About Anthony White

Australian, b. 1976, based in Paris, France

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