Antje Rieck, ‘Pulse (1-8)’, 2009, Residency Unlimited

PULSE is a photographic still taken from Antje Rieck's performance ATEM in 2009 at the Fondazione Mario Merz in Turin. The word “Atem" in German means breath and its root is in the Indian word “Atma" which translates as spirit. Rieck explores notions of transformation, transcendence and metamorphosis in her diverse sculptural, video, photographic and performative practice. She investigates different layers of perception or ‘experimental fields’ as she refers to them that create a visible geographical reference to the imaginary of the infinite. During her residency at RU, Rieck began exploring crystalline growth and its unique properties. Her latest commission underway is a public art sculpture made out of growing crystals: “Lighthenge” which has selected for the International Year of Light 2015 led by United Nations and Unesco, with the support of the West Harlem Fund.

Based between Italy and Germany, Rieck has won international recognition with the Cesare Pavese prize for Sculpture and the Targetti Art Collection award. Her work is in the collection of Fondazione Mario Merz.She has exhibited at the Fondazione Mario Merz, Turin; at Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti during the 54th Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte, Venice Biennale and the Berengo Centre for Contemporary Art and Glass on Murano. She has realised several public art commissions including “The Mark of the Chemist: A Dialogue with Primo Levi” (commissioned by Fondazione Primo Levi and the Theater Teatro Stabile, Turin) and the “Memory to the Martyrs of the Fosse Ardeatine” in Rome.

Series: Number 1 of 6 Editions, 2 Artist’s Proofs