Antoni Muntadas, ‘Stadia, Furniture, Audience ’, 1990, Kent Fine Art

Last complete set from an Edition of 5
Each Cibachrome: 40 x 30 in.
Each Cibachrome signed and numbered by the artist
OVERALL 18 ‘ x 9’
Notes: A recreation and deconstruction of an architectonic code of deep-rooted genetic inheritance—amphitheatre, circus, arena—and with a growing multi-purpose function: a site of sporting events, but also of concerts, political acts, spectacles, large-scale religions ceremonies and other mass-audience events. The prototypical architecture of the modern stadium is thus seen, considered and interpreted as a mass medium, by virtue also of its broadcasting by the media strictly speaking, which multiplies its audience and widens its scope. The central body is make up by some stands and columns of prefabricated material forming an elliptical, impenetrable area with a bed of sand inside and a circular video projection in the center: views of the crowd in a stadium. Roundabout, in the corners of the room, 4 slide projectors arranged thematically: architecture/ fittings/ symbols/ activities. Photographs and a sound montage/ collage loaded with suggestions surround that symbolic restitution of the architectonic and media referent of the stadium, multiplying the denotative elements, the echoes, keys, metaphors, the symbolic apparatus, concepts and textual references, etc. The is a project that has undergone a constant process of evolution in the successive presentations, especially in terms of the iconographic background, enriched each time with the images and signs closest to the context of the particular exhibition.

Stadium Installation Places and Dates
Stadium I Walter Phillips Art Gallery, The Banff Centre, Canada 1989
Stadium II Corner House, Manchester, England 1989
Stadium III Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, England 1989
Stadium IV Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver 1990
Stadium V Kent Fine Art, New York 1990
Stadium VI Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, Louisiana 1991
Stadium VII Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California 1991
Stadium VIII IVAM/Centre Jullio Gonzalez, Valencia, Spain 1992
Stadium IX Kunst-Werke, Berlin, Germany 1993
Stadium X Wurtembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

Kent Fine Art, New York 1990
IVAM/Centro Julio Gonzalez, Valencia, Spain 1992
Nancy Solomon Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 1996
Galerie Sandmann & Haak, Hannover, Germany 1998
Wurttembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart 2006

Stadium I (Catalogue-CD) Walter Phillips Art Gallery, The Banff Centre, Canada 1989
(incl. Augaitis, Daina: "Notes on Mass Events")
Muntadas: trabajos recientes by Margaret Morse, published by IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez,
Valencia, Spain c. 1992

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