Antonio Alvarado, ‘Inasible luz’, 2016, Galería Weber-Lutgen
Antonio Alvarado, ‘Inasible luz’, 2016, Galería Weber-Lutgen

Starting from the communication of the mystics with an ungraspable being such as The Divine, and so inaccessible to the common man, we perform this installation in which, using mystical texts, communication / isolation is established between different electronic elements, equal but different, through the instability of the capacitive sensor and the fragility of the Wifi communication, which in the form of labyrinthine webs entangle the dialogue between these elements and the viewer.

Image rights: Antonio Alvarado

Museo La Neomudejar. Madrid. 2016.

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Spanish, 1950 , San Pedro del Arroyo, Ávila, Spain, based in Madrid, Spain

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