Antonio Berni, ‘¡Monzón! ¡Monzón!’, 1977, Cosmocosa

Illustration of Argentinean boxer Carlos Monzón. This work belongs to a very series of illustrations he made specifically for Revista Gente in 1977, to celebrate his second victory over Colombian Rodrigo Valdez at Montecarlo. Monzón witheld the Undisputed Middleweight Championship for seven years and after this fight (and second victory to Valdez) he retired. Revista Gente made a special coverage of the fight and had Argentinean master Antonio Berni illustrate it. Silvina Bullrich wrote the text. An original copy of the magazine is available with the work.

Series: From the series Carlos Monzón by Antonio Berni. The Last Fight.

Signature: On front: Berni

Image rights: © José Antonio Berni y Luis E. De Rosa

  1. Arteba. Edición 25, Cabinet Antoni Berni, stand Cosmocosa. Mayo 18-22 2016. Buenos Aires.
    2016/2017, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, "Antonio Berni, revelaciones sobre papel, 1927-1981". Curada por Marcelo E. Pacheco.

Revista Gente N628, August 4th, 1977
PACHECO, Marcelo E. “Antonio Berni, Revelaciones sobre papel, 1922-1981”, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, 2016/17 Argentina.

Argentina. Private Collection.

About Antonio Berni

Antonio Berni, who apprenticed with a stained-glass manufacturer as a child, began his artistic career as a Surrealist, producing paintings and collages. In the 1930s, Berni’s practice shifted towards critical and social realism; around then he banded with other young artists to espouse the New Realism movement, dedicated to highlighting class struggle and social injustice in Argentina. He worked typically in large scale and, perhaps in part due to a meeting with David Alfaro Siqueiros, made a number of murals as well. In 1959, he returned to making collages, using detritus and found objects. Berni was also known for making xylographs (or woodcuts) in high relief, incorporating collage elements—he called these xylo-collage-reliefs. In his late career, Berni’s style became increasingly photorealistic.

Argentinian, 1905-1981, based in Argentina

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