Antonio Murado, ‘Mantos’, 2014, Mana Contemporary

Image rights: 122 x 91 x 5 in. each. Price above per unit (each).

About Antonio Murado

Antonio Murado is a painter who experiments with a variety of techniques and source materials to create his works. His images range from abstract to representational, with thick impasto and lighter gestural marks; they often contain literal or oblique literary, mythological, and art historical references. Yet for all of their possible resemblances, Murado urges more open readings of his work, warning that: “We have this tendency to read things, to read everything into things that we understand.” In a recent series, inspired by Shakespeare’s Ophelia, Murado uses methods to blow paint across the painting’s surface, layered with semi-transparent color.

Spanish, b. 1964, Lugo, Spain, based in New York, New York