Antonio Seguí, ‘Vivir como se Puede’, 2013, Opera Gallery

About Antonio Seguí

Antonio Seguí, today known as a master painter and printmaker, had to be convinced by Ernesto Farina to abandon his career in law for one in the arts. Though he began working in conceptual and expressionist veins, Seguí eventually turned towards Art Informel. Influenced by Fernand Léger and Diego Rivera, Seguí began to use his artwork as social criticism and satire. He became best known for his images of cities and their inhabitants, rendered in a flat style. Seguí’s paintings often feature a recurring character—an urban passerby in an overcoat and hat—meant to represent the anonymous everyman, though many have suggested it may be a loose self-portrait. His compositions are sometimes layered with many overlapping figures and buildings, such that patterns emerge from the compositional chaos.

Argentine, b. 1934, Cordoba, Argentina, based in Argentina and Paris