Antony Crossfield, ‘Threshold’, 2009, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

In Foreign Body, the viewer is confronted by ambiguous, fluid bodies; bringing attention to the notion that self identity is unstable and permeable. The fabrication of individual male bodies into multi-limbed hybrids, makes his exploration of the male form at once unsettling, yet weirdly beautiful. In this exhibition, the body is presented, not as a protective envelope that defines and unifies our limits, but as an organ of physical and psychological interchange between bodies and selves.

Antony Crossfield describes his work as closely related to the manual labor of painting. His artworks comprise of several points of view, of multiple images that are compressed into a single frame of meticulous construction. The illusion of wholeness masks an uncertain and fractured reality, that defies the Cartesian idea of a stable viewpoint. Importantly, his photographs do not embellish the male form with expected beauty, instead, their diversity and flaws are embraced, echoing the traditions of the grotesque. The resulting photographs elicit an intellectual response, but also one that is visceral and even physical.

Series: Foreign Body

Signature: Signed, titled, numbered, dated via label.

Image rights: Antony Crossfield

Klompching Gallery, October 29 — December 19, 2009

Bodies We Fail, Jules Sturm, Bielefeld, Transcript Verlag, 2014.

Direct from the artist.

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