Antony Gormley, ‘Butt’, 2010, Sotheby's

Monumental (see Conditions of Sale for further information)

Neither Appearance Nor Illusion: Property from the Collection of Santiago Barberi Gonzalez

Executed in 2010.

From the Catalogue
“I am interested in the body because it is the place where emotions are most directly registered. When you feel frightened, when you feel excited, happy, depressed, somehow the body registers it.” - Antony Gormley

“I use the construction language of the built world; pillars and lintels, to evoke the inner condition of the body, treating the body less as a thing than a place. There is a tension between a suggested symmetry and the actual articulation of a body, so that very slight variations in the alignment of the blocks can be read empathetically as an indication of the total body feeling. All of these pieces attempt to treat the body as a condition; being, not doing.” - Antony Gormley

Antony Gormley’s Butt is an early example of the artist’s Extended Blocker series which expand the blocker volumes on multiple axes towards the context of the built world. They attempt to extend emotion through formal means.

Gormley has turned from the consideration of the body as a composite constructed from discrete elements to architecture as a mental condition, and moves, with this series, to use an architectonic language of stacking, propping and cantilever to provoke empathic feeling for the present urban-bound human condition. Based on a 3D scan of the artist’s own body and comprised of subtly varied cast iron blocks, Butt is thoughtful yet playful, solid yet dynamically expanding forwards. The body is enclosed within its own, folded posture, evoking the tension between the existential conditions of shelter and exposure.
—Courtesy of Sotheby's

London, White Cube, Antony Gormley: Test Sites, June 2010

White Cube, London
Acquired from the above by the previous owner in October 2010

About Antony Gormley

In his sculptures, installations, and public artworks, Antony Gormley explores the relation of the human body to space and moments in time. He is well known for his sculptures that use a cast of his own body as their starting point and for his large-scale, outdoor installations such as Angel of the North (1998) and Another Place (1997). In Event Horizon (2007), which has been shown in London, Rotterdam, and New York, Gormley sited 31 body forms atop rooftops, riverbanks, and sidewalks within the dense urban environment. In One & Other (2009), a project for the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London, he invited members of the public to create their own artwork on top of the plinth for one hour time slots over a period of 100 days.

British, b. 1950, London, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom