Antti Laitinen, ‘It's My Island V’, 2007, Nettie Horn Gallery

Antti Laitinen’s practice is centered on the environment, both conceptually and physically. His works involve futile attempts to harness nature’s forces—building his own island, parting the seas, emptying a lake—as well as the documentation of these efforts in photographs.

About Antti Laitinen

Antti Laitinen’s works begin with a plan, but the final pieces are usually the result of circumstances and outcomes beyond his control. Laitinen, who has a background in photography and multimedia art, primarily stages performances that he then documents or records. Many of his projects involve open-ended, experimental, or durational activities; previous undertakings have included a photographic series produced while Laitinen lived in a forest without clothes, food, or water; rowing across bodies of water in various self-fashioned vessels; and drawings made by pressing his sweaty body on a surface. Disparate as his works are, they explore recurring themes of chance, endurance, communion with nature, absurd humor, and the passage of time.

Finnish, b. 1975

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